The quality of partnership will creatively be achieved through coordinated research, production, presentation and dissemination. The implementation will involve a balance between concentrated research and fruitful production, with periodic public events during various stages of the project. The public events will be designed for different cultures, local contexts and presentation formats. All partners will do research on the Hallerstein’s life and work in their country with involvement it into the performance.   It’s planned to set up an event in every partner’s surrounding, i.e. Slovenia, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic and China, according to the historical path of Augustin Ferdinand von Hallerstein. Slovenian coordinator, where Hallerstein was born, will be in charge for mise-en-scene of the show, e.g. making of puppets, visual design, choreography. Austrian co-organiser will research his educational background and produce documentary material from his studying years. Portuguese developers will dive into his partnership with the Portuguese Queen and find out the circumstances about him leaving Europe and what was his legacy there by making available access to the archives of Hallerstein’s letters.Chinese partners will set up the environment for producing at least 3 public events and workshops concerning his influence on the Chinese culture and science. Colleagues in Czech Republic will build a 3D computer-generated model of his inventions that virtuality will intertwine with the physical appearance of dancers. The puppet workshop will be also organised in Prague.All partners will conduct theoretical and/or practice based research in one or more fields of inquiry relevant to the project.KIBLA and Portuguese University Institutes will coordinate research and professional development activities undertaken by all co-organisers and associated partners. All partners will share a knowledge base and skill-sets in the process. Czech, Austrian and Chinese partners will collaborate on designing and developing artworks and technologies for at least three performative situations creations, disseminating their acquired knowledge through open public presentations. Slovenian, Czech and Chinese partners are responsible for professional development activities in the form of workshops and symposiums. Partners from China will work together with European partners on designing and organising public events, encouraging access to project’s creations for socially disadvantaged groups with no or low access to new and emerging art-forms. All organisations will be involved in documenting and dissemination of the process and the results of the project, resulting in a textually and graphically rich publication series, graphically designed by Kibla. All co-organisers are responsible for hosting the consortium partners and providing them with appropriate public exposure.