23 Oct, 2009

Hallerstein: Europe - China, Intermedia exhibition in Macao, Portugal

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On Saturday 13 June 2009 at 4.30 pm the intermedia exhibition Hallerstein: Europe - China opened in Macao Polytechnic Institute in Portugal within the Hallerstein project. The event was organised by the Instituto Politécnico de Tomar.
This exhibition consisted of a video installation by the Chinese artist Huiqin Wang and Evita Alle, with music composed by Cameron Bobro. The exhibition was accompanied by information materials in digital format aiming to present the personality of Augustin Hallerstein and explain the presence of Jesuits in China.

The Hallerstein project integrates partners from Portugal, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic and China. Being dedicated to a major 18th century scientist, the project represents an artistic interpretation of the life of Baron Augustin Hallerstein, who spent 35 years in Beijing, China, acting as the court astronomer, missionary, “cultural ambassador” and mandarin (having the position of the Head of the Imperial Board of Astronomy). Several events have already been realised within this project, including conferences and exhibitions.

The Hallerstein project has been supported by the EU Culture Programme. ACE KIBLA program is supported by Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Maribor and The Slovenian Office of Youth. KIBLA is a part of Multimedia Centres Net Slovenia.

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